Above: Annie "Yes, I have zombie eyes" Abrams hangs out in the M.U. Science Lab
Below: Andrew "Metaphysically Fit" Leman in a gym with some men with a basketball and bow and arrow.

Metaphys. Ed. T-shirt - Black

Miskatonic may have never gained famed for its athletic programs, but when it comes to Metaphysical Education, they can't be beat. Impress the theosophists and hermetic philosophers at your gym by sporting the HPLHS Miskatonic Metaphys. Ed. shirt.

Two Styles to Choose From
The Metaphys. Ed. shirt is available in either black ink on a grey shirt or white ink on a black shirt. Either way, the shirts are silkscreened in-house by our specially trained shoggoth on 100% cotton shirts made by American Apparel here in sunny Los Angeles. Click here for sizing chart.