Mike "Antarctica is cold" Dalager
Dr. $hot wears it before Mt. Erebus in Antarctica (really!)
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Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition Sweatshirt

NEW and IMPROVED! When they found the horribly mangled bodies of Professor Lake and the other scientist of the 1931 Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition, they might well have been wearing stylish sweatshirts like these beneath their ripped and blood-soaked parkas.

The HPLHS Miskatonic University Antarctic Expedition Sweatshirt features the MU Biology Dept. logo (click to see artwork detail) on the front and the large expedition logo on the back of this hooded, thermal lined, zip-up sweatshirt. The fabric is cocoa brown with thick fleece-like lining. The sweatshirt is high-quality, with double stitched cuffs and waistband, dual pockets, and a drawstring hood. It's really a very nice sweatshirt - we're not just saying that. It was our best-selling product when introduced at MythosCon in 2011.

This stylish and comfortable garment may not keep you alive in gale-force Antarctic winds when Elder Things attack... but then, what will? It will keep you warm and cozy and subtly celebrate your bizarre taste in literature.

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The M.U.A.E. sweatshirt is only available in these sizes. Sorry.

Alex in Chicago said: The Miskatnonic University Antarctic Expedition hoodie is the perhaps the best sweatshirt I have ever owned. Its is currently keeping me toasty in Chicago and safe from the terror that may be lurking in the blistering cold. In addition, I have never had a more all around enjoyable online ordering experience. Well done HPLHS, well done indeed.

Julie, a real HPLHS customer, said: I received my sweatshirt and wanted to let you know how much I love it. The quality is great and the feel of it is wonderful. I can't think of anything nicer to wear while being mangled and horribly killed by Elder Things. It has definitely become my favorite thing to wear while braving the freezing temperatures and howling winds that characterize the southern California winters. I'm just wondering, though, why I've started hearing strange piping or fluting sounds...

Ulf from Stockholm says: I have received my Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition Hoodie and as a cold-dwelling Swede I can endorse it better than many. And especially for stalking cultists in the dark nights up here...

Radioactive Giant Robots in Memphis say: I wanted to say "Thank You" for shipping the sweatshirt so promptly. I got it in time for Halloween. It's a great, well-made sweatshirt that's comfortable and warm, not to mention it's super stylish! I'll be the envy of all the cultists on my block.

Blair in New Zealand says: I was particulalrly impressed with the quality of the hooded sweatshirt - just the thing for the cruel Wellington winds which whip up from the south, straight from the Antarctic.

Customer Tim says: Just wanted to say thank you very much for my Miskatonic University hoodie. It's wonderful, fits snuggly and did the job when I went out in the cold the other day.

Jasen in Ontario says: I just wanted to drop you a note that my hoodie arrived today, and it's amazing!

Ellen in the Netherlands says: I must say, I'm very happy I stumbled upon your shop. That sweatshirt is possibly the coolest item I have ever bought. And I will wear it with much joy.

Becca in Washington says: Just wanted to let you know I received the sweatshirt and I am absolutely in love with it - fantastic quality, and so warm!  I couldn't be happier with this purchase!

Alexander in Tennessee says, Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the great product you put out. I ordered the Antarctic Expedition Sweatshirt and cannot be more happy with it. It is a quality shirt that basically qualifies as a light jacket. Thanks to the designer for doing such a bang up job on the expedition logo. Overall, I cannot be happier with my purchase and will wear it with pride this fall and winter.