It revealed the Dunwich Horror;
imagine what it will reveal to you

Powder of Ibn Ghazi

This exotic occult powder renders the unseen visible, opening terrifying vistas of reality and our frightful position therein. Powder of Ibn Ghazi has been trusted for centuries for revealing the invisible under conditions of extreme duress, and should be used with great caution. Dr. Francis Morgan's powder is compounded in the day and hour of Saturn, in accordance with the formula first developed by Hamurtash Ibn Al-Ghazi himself, as recorded in the Al-Azif.

If You Really, Really Want to See It



Mum-E-Dust products are a novelty item produced by the HPLHS. No items of cultural or historic significance go into the creation of this product. While not inherently dangerous, Mum-E-Dust is not intended for human or animal consumption and ought not be sprayed on open flames. HPLHS cannot be held responsible for supernatural manifestations arising from use of this product.