Mountain dried: the richest kind of mummy dust

Inca Momia Mummy Dust

From the summits of arid and icy Andean mountain tops we procure only the best-preserved Incan mummies for use in this magically potent and bracing New World mummy dust blend. Use it in summonings, banishments, transmogrifications or any occasion where a blast of South American's best will contribute to the success of your occult endeavor.

New World — Mountain Dried

Intended for use with the Mum-E-Duster™ occult powder dispersal device.



Mum-E-Dust products are a novelty item produced by the HPLHS. No items of cultural or historic significance go into the creation of this product. While not inherently dangerous, Mum-E-Dust is not intended for human or animal consumption and ought not be sprayed on open flames. HPLHS cannot be held responsible for supernatural manifestations arising from use of this product.