They could be the pages Wilbur Whateley was comparing to the copy at the Miskatonic University Library

Necronomicon Replica Pages

Once the HPLHS managed to get ahold of a copy of the Dee translation of the Necronomicon, we knew our fellow Lovecraft enthusiasts would want one too. Publishing the whole book is on our to-do list, but we have managed to make a superb replica of four pages which you can get now.

Our prop maniacs have recreated the text, typography and artwork from this 1662 publication in exhaustive detail, carefully printed it on paper similar to the original, then hand-aged the pages to give them the look and feel of the actual Maxwell edition of John Dee's English translation of the Necronomicon. Click here to see pages enlarged.

The pages come packaged in an Arkham Police Evidence Envelope. The pages feature John Dee's translation and notes on the book's discussion of the Elder Sign and its use. This awesome prop is suitable for collectors, LARP gamers, and any other weird folk who would like to own a few pages of Lovecraftian history.

Approximate Dimensions
two double-sided pages roughly 9.5 x 7 inches



So, today my order arrived... and I must say, these Necronomicon pages caused me to get shivers as I read them! This is truly an amazing, artful piece of work. And I expected no less from you folks, but still, it is shoking! - Luis in Guadalajara, Mexico