Jason "Yo soy un Profundo" Tendell

El Profundo T-shirt

Show people what a deep one you are with our El Profundo T-Shirt. This cool garment embodies the epitome of mesoamerican archeological Lovecraftian fashion. The illustration by Jorge Roberto Ogdon Aquino is a 2D compliment to our El Profundo Mayan Carving.

Click here for artwork detail.

Silk screened by hand by our specially trained shoggoths onto shirts made by American Apparel in sweat-shop free conditions in sunny Los Angeles. El Profundo T-shirt is tan with dark brown collar and printing. Special thanks to La Nueva Logia del Tentáculo.


The shirts kick ass, and once again I was delighted by the amount of detail you put into your shipments, like
the shipping labels and the invoices. You guys freaking rule
. - Brett in Richmond, California