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Prop Collection - Vol. 1
Digital Download

This download contains 80 Adobe Acrobat PDF files, from which you can make about 100 different authentically-styled 1920s/'30s vintage props for role-playing games. Each PDF contains the prop(s) plus complete instructions for printing and finishing. It's an incredible value and tons of fun.

We have provided this collection on CD for years. We are now making it available by download ONLY. You get instant gratification and no shipping fees!

Please read the License Agreement before purchasing.

Price $20.00


A Partial List
of the CD contents

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1937 US passport
1920s British passport
International visas
Cult ID card
NY driver license
London driver license
Chicago driver license
Prohibition whiskey prescription
Press passes
NRA membership card
Union membership card
Arkham newspaper
Burial permit
Ast'd. Miskatonic diplomas
Miskatonic course book
Miskatonic student ID
Matchbooks from Arkham & Innsmouth businesses
Pulp magazine covers
Arkham bank checkbook
Arkham bank paperwork
Life insurance policy
Train ticket
Steamship ticket
Bus ticket
Airplane ticket
Zeppelin ticket
Arkham streetcar transfers
Luggage tags
Mass. hunting license
Asylum paperwork
Russian secret police ID card
Arkham police paperwork
Stock certificates
US Military ID cards
US Military paperwork

Professional film and theatre propmasters interested in the collection should write us for more information.

NOTE: These HPLHS props are for entertainment purposes only. They are ©2008 by HPLHS. All rights are reserved. In buying the CD(s), you buy a license to print copies of the props for your own personal use in role-playing games. No other permission is granted, and any commercial or illegal use of the digital files or the props you can make with them is entirely prohibited.


This CD contains more than 40 handmade vintage-style fonts, revived from authentic period sources. Using these fonts and your own page layout software, you can customize the props on the CD, or create new props of your own with a genuine vintage look. At the RPG price of $20 for the CD, each font costs only fifty cents! Please read the License Agreement before purchasing.