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Congratulations to Richard James Simmons of Lakeside, Cal., the Member of the Month for August 2016!

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August 2016

Happy Birthday HPL!

Watch for big changes to the website happening later this month!


New in the HPLHS online store! This lovely Cthulhu fetish by sculptor Jason Hendricks!

Now shipping!

"No Turning Back" MUSIC VIDEO

Now Available on CD and Vinyl!

"...a masterful album" says Prog Metal Zone

"...a masterpiece..." says Nerd Titan

"...a must-own" says Fear Net

"...få gåshud och mysrysningar längs ryggraden*" says From Beyond

*"...gives me goosebumps and sends shivers down my spine"

Official Website

Yes, a rock opera adaptation of Dreams in the Witch House. Our very own Mike Dalager has assembled an amazing international team of musicians, singers and artists to bring it to you as a double vinyl LP, CD, and digital download.

The awesome 180-gram violet vinyl album is a thing of collectible beauty, and the music itself has been described as "moving," "an amazing adaptation," "powerful," and "absolutely captivating."

The project is so massive it requires its own website, full of video interviews, musical samples, and more details.

Thanks to Lifetime Member Sterling J. Harris for sharing his scholarly paper "I Am Providence: Narratives of Hope and Power in the Work of H. P. Lovecraft," now available for download to our members in the Study of the Members' Sanctum!

The Soothing Sound of Innsmouth
The vinyl is pressed! The latest HPLHS recording is now available for download, on CD or as a deluxe vinyl LP combo.

Random Cultists
The HPLHS got a lovely plug on a blog at Random House.

The HPLHS is on Facebook now. Follow us!

Whisperer even has its own Facebook page.

H. P. Podcraft

HPLHS Font Mania: People (I'm looking at you, Scandinavia!) have been asking about the character sets of the HPLHS fonts. Now you can download a PDF (5.7MB) showing all the glyphs of all the fonts!


The Thing on the Doorstep

The newest episode of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre is an adaptation of one of HPL's classics of malign magic and alienation!

Our newest t-shirt design features our most popular sponsor for Dark Adventure Radio Theatre!
Limited edition fine art screen print by HPLHS member Kenneth “Citizen Ken” Shaw.

Now shipping!

We're thrilled to introduce this fascinating book, containing all the known letters between HPL and Zealia Bishop, including 36 newly-discovered and never before seen.

With an intro by S. T. Joshi

Shipping now

For a gallery of images, click the cover picture to the left.

Now Available: Lifetime Memberships!

It's back! HPLHS Membership

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Dark Adventure Radio Theatre: new trailers, cast and crew credits, downloads, behind-the-scenes and other fun stuff. Don't have any Dark Adventure CDs? Order a box set!

Now Available on Blu-ray, or get the DVD, Movie Poster or Soundtrack now.

movie image
CoC showed at many Film Festivals
You can still see the Trailer!

Miskatonic U. Antarctic Expedition Sweatshirt!
Keep away chills and Shoggoths

John Dee's Omen Antiquitatum Elder Sign

El Profundo - Mayan Deep One


New FREE prop download!
We've updated our free prop Arkham Library Card with a new seal for the City of Arkham and the seal of Essex County. Download the new PDF here!

The HPLHS Arkham Seal: our gratitude to John Singleton and Rhett Jenkins for their input!

Check out Propnomicon for another version of an Arkham seal!

FREE Prop Downloads

In response to requests from website visitors, we are now pleased to offer prop Fleurs De Lys cigarette pack wrappers for free download. The PDF document lets you turn any standard soft pack of cigarettes into the official brand of Dark Adventure Radio Theatre! Just click the image above!

Postcards from Providence

Got something to say? Write to us. Or send us photos of you using HPLHS goodies.


Game 48
The Helmet

Complete with downloadable props and audio files

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ITTOL Chapter 1: Politics
A very long chapter, covers US and international political developments in the 1920s and '30s, including the Spanish Civil War, the creation of the modern Middle East, and US Presidents Harding through Roosevelt.

ITTOL Chapter 4: Occupations
Now downloadable in PDF, covers the boom of the 1920s, the stock market crash, and the New Deal with new illustrations.


Live-Action Roleplaying Props