As we waited our turn for the buffet at the Cthulhu Prayer Breakfast during the NecronomiCon 5th Edition, my companions and I began to talk about Lovecraftian breakfast food. Myth*Os are the result of that conversation.

In accordance with the HPLHS motto "We Thought It Would Be Fun," the Myth*Os box is designed and available in both a standard and non-Euclidean design. Click here if you are interested in purchasing a Myth*Os box of your own.

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Package design by Andrew Leman

Concept Team: Noah Abrahams, Mike Caprio, Jim Krupski, Carolyn Lachance, Lucas McCauslin, Aaron Newman & Thom Ryng.

Lovecraft Illustration by Kennon James.

THE MYTH*OS DISCLAIMER: By opening this box, you agree not to hold Arkham Mills or its employees, agents, or assigns responsible in any way for health problems of any kind whatsoever related to or arising from the use of the product enclosed herein, including, but not limited to: schizophrenia, delusions, paranoia, fugue, dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality disorder), spontaneous human combustion, post-traumatic stress disorder, insomnia, neurasthenia, vampirism, amnesia, morbid obesity, Tillinghast's complaint, xenopharmacophilia, anaphylactic shock, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anorexia nervosa, glossolalia, hysterical paralysis, necrotizing fasciitis, repetitive self-harm syndrome, multi-infarct dementia, ennui, lycanthropy, agoraphobia, altheofficinaliphobia, annuletophobia, batrachophobia, cibophobia, epistemophobia, lactophobia, myxophobia, and/or nyctophobia.

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