Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it done yet?
A: Yes, the film was completed in February 2011.

Q: When can I get it on Blu-ray or DVD?
A: It's now available in both formats.

Q: What's so special about the Special Features?
A: If you enjoyed going behind the scenes on The Call of Cthulhu, we think you'll dig Disc Two of The Whisperer in Darkness. We have a 47-minute documentary that walks you through the strange, terrible and funny process of making the film. We have a series of seven short documentaries which take an in-depth look at some of the strange and wonderful filmmaking techniques used in the film (e.g. miniatures, making Mi-Go, etc...). You see our deleted scenes and even get to see the full version of some scenes that were cut short in the final film. We have subtitles in twenty three languages. We have a physical replica newspaper prop. And we have a surprise or two. All told, it's more than two and half hours of extra Whisperer fun.

The Blu-ray version will include all these exciting bonus features, plus a commentary track with director Sean Branney, producer Andrew Leman, and cinematographer David Robertson. (To make room for this commentary, the BR version does not have all the subtitle tracks.)

Q: Is that funny cinematographer in the Behind the Scenes video?
A: Yes, David Robertson's back, as are many of the key people from The Call of Cthulhu. We'll introduce you to costumers, special effects guys, the director, the production designer, Lackey, and of course the inimitable David Robertson. We shot a lot of raw footage, and boy is it raw...

Q: When will it be screening where I live?
A: We're working on theatrical distribution. If you want the movie to play in your local cinema, write to us and we'll let our distribution partners know about the demand!

Q: You guys have been talking about this for years, what took so long?
A: Making a movie is complicated. It took us much longer than we expected to complete the shooting script. But once we began production, the entire film took less than two years to complete.

Q: Will you be selling posters? Brain cylinders? Other cool stuff?
A: Yes, posters are available now. And we'll have some fun Whisperer items coming. Our first goal is to make the movie available to as wide an audience as we can. Then we'll get going on the props...

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